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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Team Hustle - Today We Rich VIDEO

Team Hustle [Gang] is a product of the Y.H.G.M (Young Hustlaz Gettin' Money) brand sharing the same goals, beliefs and lifestyles. Team Hustle members include Tra' Holiday [Holiday Hustle], Newport Ricks, Kai-Marley, Ray-Ray & Klark SupaMan. Motivated by success, They are determined to be the best, Team Hustle isn't just a name but a way of life for these 5 young men...

Tra' Holiday [Holiday Hustle] is the leader of Team Hustle. He has been an artist for 10+ years , that along with the role he also plays in Y.H.G.M's front office, has enabled Team Hustle to often look to Holiday when it comes to music matters beyond the mic (the business side). In front of the mic, Holiday's time in the game also shows. "Mr. I'ma Kill Em Wit The Flow" as he sometimes refers to himself is a perfect way to describe his style. As an artist he has never been focused on punch lines as he'd rather the combination of straight forward, slick talk that accompanies the track so well.

Newport Ricks, the "Track Ripper"... Newport the youngest member of Team Hustle is actually the 2nd most seasoned of the group. Newport is a very unique artist. His style is very heavy on word-play and punch-line but it is actually his blood-line that takes Newport from a good artist to a unique one. Although he was born and raised in Baltimore, his family originates from both Texas and California which show in his voice and styles he often uses.

Kai-Marley (outside of Tra' Holiday) is the only member of Team Hustle that was already an active member of the Y.H.G.M brand before the creation of Team Hustle. After what was originally supposed to be a feature on Team Hustle's "Let's Get It" it was clear that Kai-Marley was a valuable addition. As the "stoner" Kai-Marley's style is often blunt and very direct. His rhymes are riddled with references to movies, events and day to day actives. You're sure to be taken to a different place every time he steps behind the mic, and trust everybody is welcomed to come along for the ride.

Ray-Ray, "Team Hustle Muscle"... also brings something different to Team Hustle. Ray-Ray's background is a tad bit different from that of the other core members of Team Hustle. Born in Atlanta and spending his youth and per-teen years there, has given Ray-Ray a chance to share things with the world that the other members of Team Hustle may not have had a chance to. At an early age Ray-Ray began to spend time in the street, although that time called for a few tough lessons, that same time has given Ray-Ray time to share and enlighten the world on things he's gone thru. Weather it's passion, pain, paradise, hardship or glory you can always hear it in his voice and feel it in your heart..

Klark SupaMan is a North Philly native! While living in Baltimore, Klark and Tra' Holiday crossed paths on their individual grind. Working the same 9-5 the two were forced to interact on a daily basis. Not too long after they met, a friendship was formed. Klark being new to Baltimore, looked to Holiday to help him learn his way around town. After Klark discovered Holiday's passion for music he instantly got behind the movement and wanted to be a part. Although, Klark had never rapped or had intention of doing so, he was sure there was still something he could bring to the team. As time went on Klark did step to the mic but had to return to Philly soon after... Although Klark is not musically a core member of Team Hustle, his friendship, support and belief in the team shows that he will always be a member of Team Hustle (THGPhilly)...

Motivated by success and determined to be the best Team Hustle is what the game's been missing. Not since the likes of N.W.A has there been a group of artist, all talented , all different, all respectable artist and all real! This is a void in the hip-hop/rap game and they are here to fill it. “Get hip to it OR hit wit it”

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