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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kappstone Media Fraudulent Business for Chuck Brown Day?

WHAT:  Kappstone Media – Tubbs Entertainment  -  Promoter’s attempt to defraud Washington DC 

Audience - Chuck Brown’s Memory
WHERE: Washington DC Convention Center

WHEN: Saturday August 18th, 2012
INFO:  Lyfestyle Symposium Chuck Brown Day Celebration Fraud Investigation
Kappstone Media’s Willie Young  is advertising performances and appearances by artist who are not contracted to perform.  Kappstone /Willie Young has been sending rubber checks to booking agencies. Christopher Williams is being advertised although all involved are aware that he has not been contracted to host or perform at the  Chuck Brown Day event.
Calvin Richardson has not been contracted….perhaps there are more artists in this predicatment.
When contacted, the event manager of The Washington DC Convention Center, Mr. Wayne Coffin said he is aware that there are problems with the event however the matter is of no concern to the building.
Contacts for verification:
Kappstone Media: Willie Young  wyoung@kappstonemedia.com

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