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Friday, May 18, 2012

@Rabbitd1 - 3 to 3 EP Review

DC's newest female voice Rabbit formally know as "Phat Rabbit" has released her first D1 project. Honestly, I don't think people knew what to expect from this stripper turned rapper except  the producer that signed her (Rico Love) and Rabbit herself but since the word spread that she was retiring from DC's  strip club (Stadium) and diving full time into the  artist world you know people were talking.
Before Rabbit got signed I tried to get her in the studio to cut a record I had for a female artist that I later sold to Universal for a female artist of theirs (AB) . The stars never aligned and we never made it happened but I heard a few records and knew she was coming from a place where most female rappers weren't coming from. She sounded like a down right hustler!!!! Granted most strippers are hustlers, I actually see and hear it in her rapping.

When you talk to most people they could care less about female artist and rightfully so (No Disrespect) but you kind of want to hear what Rabbit is going to say. I said it before and I will say it again.....I can think of 5 female artist from DC, MD and VA that rap better than Rabbit, and are better "Artist" than Rabbit, and been doing it longer than Rabbit BUT it's obvious they don't have the "HUSTLE" and "MENTALITY" that Rabbit has. It is inevitable that Rabbit will navigate thru the b.s. in this RAP industry.

I was happy to see how fast Rico Love and D1 pushed the button on her and got her EP out there (Signed in Feb, EP out in MAY), unlike the situation with Lola Monroe and Taylor Gang. I also applaud the 6 song EP oppose to a full mixtape. The cover is creative and the videos leading up the the release were typical but just enough to peak the interest. (NOW I'M MAD I NEVER BEEN TO STADIUM!!!)

Rabbit honestly impressed me with her flow, delivery, and overall attitude on this project. Her voice got annoying by song 3 but that's fixable and tolerable if you really trying to hear what she rapping about. It would be a different issue if she couldn't rap at all AND her voice was annoying and that's not the case. The production on the EP was solid for a first release.

As I listen to this project I can hear that she is definitely making a serious effort to be a good artist. I hear hunger, I hear determination, and I also hear the room for growth. Granted she is in a different space than a artist with NO deal or big time producer behind them but she sounds hungry and excited to it show off.

Here we go.....................

TRACK 1. This bare bones produced record hits you awkwardly when Rabbit begins rapping but as you listen you find your head nodding to the flow. It takes time to get used to her voice. I like the use of the sampled hook. Well Done! I can't say Rabbit set the tone with the record because other records on the EP are better but it serves its purpose as #1 track.

TRACK 2. This record features another D1 artist (Young Chris) from Young Gunz fame. This record isn't bad at all and Rabbit holds her own with Chris. The beat is somewhat irritating but it serves its purpose.

TRACK 3. I like this record. It's refreshing to hear Rabbit hit a less annoying vocal tone on the hook (which I like). S/O to her for that! Listening to this record I hear how clever she can get with her rhymes. That's DOPE!

TRACK 4. Rabbit is consistent on this record. She explains how she "Levitates" over others. She actually could start something with the term "Levitate". I'm not mad at this record at all and it is placed in the perfect sequence on the EP....right in the middle.

TRACK 5. This was the first single off the EP and it features MD's own Wale. I was interested in seeing what the two would do together but In my opinion I don't think the beat helped this collab reach it's full potential. I like the sampled hook and verses were decent at best. I still love to see artist from the same area that are in "signed" situations doing work together. Respect for that!

TRACK 6. This record has somewhat of a storyline to it. I'm seeing a different side of Rabbit on this record. I like the hook a lot. I actually feel her and believe her when she asks "What if I F**ked Up?". She delivered on this record with content and flow. Well Executed!!!

Let's be clear....I'm not saying Rabbit has arrived and bout to kill the rap game RIGHT NOW but I am saying that this is better than what I expected AND she has room to grow and become better. The talent is there! I am also very proud that she reps the area in almost everything that she does and that's to be applauded.


S/O to PINKY!!!!! Long Live Me-Hee-Coo


Anonymous said...

lol at no one wants to listen to female rappers

Moe said...

she fat as shit but she cant rap nigga just fucking forealz

Anonymous said...

anybody can rap these days. she isnt bad too but how many niggas can take her serious? we used to tip this bitch

1-4 ALL WILD said...

LLS no bullshit moe she hustled that pussy. That's what supposed to make her a hustler right..lls Shawty still slutted her way in. She ain't grind with this music shit and get what she got. I can't ever respect her she done fucked one too many of my mans for the low. ak bout her. FOH