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Friday, May 11, 2012

@iCanRhyme-The Art of Rhyming Mixtape

There are NO hardcore rappers in DC NONE. There a trap rappers,
conscious emcees, skilled lyricist but no one with hard hitting punch
lines and a don’t care attitude. That is the perception of the Hip Hop
game in the DMV.For the longest time it seemed that no one in DC
Metropolitan area wanted to be “that guy”. This all changed with the
release of Ta The Rhymer’s debut mixtape “The Art of Rhyming”. Ta The
Rhymer (aka Tali McFly) makes no bones about being strictly a hardcore
lyricist with songs like his debut single “Bong” where addresses the
fact the no one “goes in” anymore. Each song delivers verse after
verse of aggression with lines that’ll have you thinking “Did he just
say that?”

    Mixed and mastered by label mate and executive producer Jay Biggz
(with two original tracks produced by HP) “The Art of Rhyming” does
not sound like your average mixtape. Forgoing the “rhyme over what
ever songs hot” format the project flows more like an album than a
mixtape with the focus more on live instruments and soul samples over
808s and synthesized sounds. This project is a breath of fresh air to
a city craving aggressive rap lyrics over quality instrumentals.

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