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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ardamus & C Royal - "The Glass Is Half Full Of"


Originally, C Royal was offering spots on his "Royal Tavern's" album
for emcees to be a part of on the Justus League (9th Wonder, Little
Brother, etc.) message board. Ardamus contacted C Royal and they
completed 4 cuts on the project alongside Mallz, Chaundon, Society Of
Gentlemen, and other counterparts on the album. Ardamus, in the
meantime, was involved with his projects with his crew FAR EXP and
other solo projects that he was completing. C Royal contacted Ardamus
for an idea for a project and Ardamus agreed without hesitation.

The Album/Singles.
After back and forth emails and phone calls to establish a constant
theme for the album, "The Glass Is Half Full Of" seem to fit because
of the contrast of the hard and smooth production of C Royal and the
content of what Ardamus was delivering. In addition, Ardamus informed
his peers of C Royal's production and he got the nod from the crews
and affiliations Ardamus has in Washington, DC. In addition, Cee H.
Blak aka Blak Lungz who used to be in the Food Chain Collective
contacted him because of the development for Shotgun Daisy Records.
Just recently, the label had dropped an EP that was featuring his work
with Joe Beats (the producer of Non-Prophets with Sage Francis and
other great instrumental works). After a video was completed for one
of the first songs entitled "Indeed Loyalty", Blak was sent the video
and this lead to a three-single deal for the duo to have digital
distribution through various outlets.

Special thanks and notations.The most high of course.To all the
artists who were selected in the process of this album: my FAR EXP
members (Flex Mathews, Fleetwood DeVille, RNL), Charlie Bucket,
Deborah Bond, Chaquis Maliq, and Enoch 7th Prophet. Toney Smith for
the additional recording at Vintage Vibez Studio. A very big thanks to
Lauren from Snarky Studios and the homie, Terry, for both putting
together the visuals. And a very big shootout goes to Blak Lungz for
hooking up the three single deal with Shotgun Daisy Records.

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