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Monday, October 17, 2011

NEW ALBUM: Sinitus Tempo - "Koyo" (Autumn Leaves) ON SALE NOW!

October 13, 2011 (Washington, DC) - Truly committed to sound, music is transformed in the hands of Sinitus Tempo, who astounds fans and new listeners again with his latest work Koyo (Autumn Leaves). Adding to the history of jazz remixes of this track, Tempo joins legends such as Nat King Cole, Cannonball Adderly and Eric Clapton with his hip-hop rendition of Autumn Leaves. This 15-track compilation is grand impressionism of music melded with the concepts of Japanese anime and manga art. Through sight and sound, Koyo impacts the senses in an influential manner that reveals the heart and soul of a man who is tune with his surroundings.

"Koyo (Autumn Leaves) is a journey of love and nature through sound, reciting each track together to relay a poem and a story in your mind. It tells a story of a man's love for nature and his loss as the seasons begin to change once again with "Autumn" being symbolized as a woman. He meets her, falls in love and eventually has to separate and feels that he will never see her again. A short film will also be released. for a better visual setting of the story." - Sinitus Tempo, music producer/manga artist

"Sinitus Tempo is a great jazzy hip hop producer who currently has a lot of upcoming projects to get excited about." - TheFind.com

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