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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Employee Who Lost Eye During DMV Brawl Speaks Out

A hotel employee who lost an eye during a huge brawl at the DMV Music Awards in Crystal City last month is speaking out about his ordeal.

In a video produced by the Arlington County Police Department, the employee — “Antonio,” a bartender at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City — says he and his family are now in debt and struggling to get by on meager workman’s compensation payments. He has had two operations since the March 5 incident and expects to have at least one more to get a prosthetic eye. While in recovery, Antonio has been unable to bathe or care for himself, and relies on his wife and friends to accomplish everyday tasks.

“I used to work for three hotels… I don’t know” if I will ever work again, he said. “I cannot live this way.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the attack to contact Detective J. Donaggio at 703-228-4167 or jdonaggio@arlingtonva.us. Several photos of the woman who is alleged to have attacked Antonio are displayed at the end of the video.


BIGHomieN8 said...

The messed up part about this, is that I work with the guy at another hotel property and found out about this incident through another co-worker! This is a total embarrassment. We cant take black people anywhere! Until we learn how to operate in the "REAL" world, we will always be looked upon as animals! SMH!

Anonymous said...

Karma will come back and take care of all those involved in this incident. They fucked up a man's lively hood. This man had nothing to do with whatever they were doing. This man was busting his ass and making an honest living, supporting his family in bolivia at the same time, something Trell and company have no idea about. To Dre All Day in the Paint, Fat Trell and etc...You all walking around portraying this lifestyle, flashing this money etc...Calling yourselves, gangstas this and that, you may not be directly responsible for his injury,but you all played a part in this man loosing his eye. I would like for you all to at least show some sort of humanism and maybe compensate the guy with something, and i can't believe no one of the organizers and those involved have come out and at least made some sort of public apology. cops in VA don't play that shit anyways, especially arlington county they hate niggas so that bitch is gonna get it. And was that Fat trel walking behind her? You have some explaining to do my friend. lol