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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Judah: Politicks vs. Relationships

(This pic has nothing to do with the topic but i just like it A LOT)

I often hear artist and producers talking about the music politics in the DC, MD & VA area and usually some situations are warranted but if you didn't know, the music business is ALL POLITICS or better yet as I like to call it "RELATIONSHIPS".

Example: Artist "X" is buzzing and is associated with some "in the know" team/people in the city. Even though, IN YOUR OPINION he/she may not be as talented as other artist or yourself, Artist "X" is going to get a show first, a feature first, a spin first, get a beat first, because his/her team is "in the know" and has relationships with key people in the city (DJ's, Producers, Promoters etc...). That's not POLITICS that's RELATIONSHIPS.

With that being said if you roll with a people/team that has NO RELATIONSHIPS, don't blame it on POLITICS, blame your TEAM or lack there of, blame your MANAGER, blame your C.E.O, blame your PRODUCER.

Music will only get you so far, you have to have relationships with people, talk to people (Face to Face) etc... You can't rely on twitter or facebook to say you have a relationship with someone.

Hopefully this will help you'll understand what's politics and what's not!

I personally don't believe in music politics on a local level especially when there's no money involved and honestly there's only probably 1% of artist and producers making money locally. Everything happening in this area is about WHO YOU KNOW and WHO YOU HAVE RELATIONSHIPS with!


De-U.c.e. Double said...

Dis is da best pic U ever posted LMFAOLS but seriously tho...dat shit 100% true!!!

June Da Kid said...

Thats real, it may be business, but you have to build relationships with people

A.J. Throwback said...

Definitely some real talk, Judah. Being frank, that's been part of my problem: not being face-to-face enough with more people. That's the ONLY way to develop REAL relationships and get out there to a larger degree. Thanks for keeping it 100 on that, bro.

Ardamus said...

True talk. Socializing doesn't mean harassing people on these social networking sites. And you can;t even just blame your team. Your should blame yourself if you are anti-social in a industry that requires you to interact with people all the time.

Now I can see what you mean as far as there not being politics on a local level. However, I think people who probably have the mind state of local politics are looking basically at the favortism they're unhappy with. Stuff liked getting skipped over on an open mic list and not getting to perform is something very local. But when you're dealing with national acts coming to town and you're unable to perform because so and so's manager threw down a stack to open for MC such and such, its a whole new ball game. Overall, interesting read, homie.

paul mack said...

niggas are so anti social and stay in their crew that they dont get out a talk to others and it stunts their growth.