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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Package's "Double R" remix album (J-Scrilla, E-minah, Kev Brown, etc)

This very special project features contributions from the DMV’s
finest, including: Kev Brown, J-$crilla, Kokayi, DJ Eurok and
Drew_Kid, E-Minah, Krayola, Enoch 7th Prophet, Laelo Hood, Head Roc,
Pure Fiya, Nazz, Nicole Rumeau, Jack Danger, and (last but not least)
me, Spirit Equality (cheese)*. It’s a DMV family affair and we’ve
giving it to the world as a special “thank you” to everyone who has
supported The Package and the New Golden Era movement so far! We love
all of y’all! Extra special love to everyone who contributed to each
song on the project. Some of the tracks are remixes from originals
featured on the “New Golden Era” album (still on iTunes *smile*),
while the rarities are either exclusives from upcoming solo records
from Dimes and Grizz that you will hear in radically different form on
those respective projects (e.g. Miss Yum Yum) or songs you never would
have heard otherwise in any form (e.g. Dimes 10.0). Theory mixed the
entire project to perfection.

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