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Monday, November 9, 2009

Diamonds In The Raw - Available Now at Borders (Largo, MD) The. Blvd.

Diamonds In The Raw is a new book about the evolution of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Music Movement from the past to the present. Diamonds In The Raw is available now at:
Borders Bookstore (The Blvd. at the Capital Center - Largo, MD)
The Howard University Bookstore (2225 Georgia Avenue, NW)
The Literary Joint Bookstore (Forestville Mall)
Here are a few quotes from Diamonds In The Raw:
"Fat Rodney was like B.I.G. before B.I.G. was B.I.G." - Chucky Thompson
"At one time rap was seen as some bamma stuff in DC. Fat Rodney made it cool to rap." -Stinky Dink
"I was opening for Run DMC in front of 18,000 people. I had 3 dancers: Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Ron DeBerry and Obatye" - Vinnie D
"The DC area is was known for rappers hating on other rappers. But now with the DMV Movement everyone is coming together" - Big-B
"At the time I felt Wale was being disloyal, but as I reflect, he didn't know any better" - Kenny Burns
"Payola is supposed to be illegal but everyone in DC's underground knows what the deal is." -Hitmaka
"I know payola is real because I've taken it. Any DJ who says they haven't taken money is lying" - Paul Porter (former DJ on WKYS and WHUR)
"Most artists don't understand the game they're getting into" - DJ Xzulu (former DJ on WKYS)
"I had gained a following in New Orleans. If you look at the cover of my album, you don't have to be genius to figure out where Lil' Wayne got his style from." - Black Indian
"Tru Skool was a weekly event to build your skill. It was truly an event where MC's came to be an MC." - Flex Mathews
"Kokayi and Opus Akoben can go overseas and sell spots out, but people around DC don't even know about them." - Storm The Unpredictable
Diamonds In The Raw features interviews and commentary from:
DC Scorpio, Nonchalant, DJ Red Alert (from NYC), Section 8 Mob, Poem-Cees, Skinny Corleone, Tony Blunt, Frank Ski, The Oy Boyz, DJ Kool, Judah, 20 Bello, Carty Yeah, Draus (Wasteland Mob), Go-Go Michelle, Pro' Verb, Tabi Bonney, Big-B, Garvey "The Chosen One", Porche' 9-11, Ras Lidj, Marky, Kokayi, Toni Blackman, Head-Roc, Whitefolkz, Dre "All Day In The Paint", Mo Betta, Brother Maniac, Kingpen Slim, DJ Jaymo, DJ Heat, Likeblood, Lyriciss, Rico Anderson, Black Boo, Nile Numan, DJ Anomylee, Hevewae, Jacques Vaughn, Whop (Wisdom Speaks), X.O., Pro Verb, Young Sleep, DJ Torkaveli, PHZ-Sicks, Tae Barz, Lady Venom, Tyrone Norris, Southeast Slim, Raheem DeVaughn, and many more.
Diamonds In The Raw can also be purchased online at Amazon.com:

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