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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boobe- Breaking the Mold

Washington DC has long been known as a political playground; a city where senators and congressman are celebrities, and suits and ties are commonplace. Not surprisingly, it hasn't exactly been known as a home for hip-hop.

DC rapper Boobe explains his hometown's music scene saying "it's really a gogo circuit, but we're trying to break that mold. We stay away from making the gogo music and we just push the straight hip-hop."

For Boobe, "straight hip-hop" involves a distinct style people say is reminiscent of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. "I tell reality, whether it's in story form, or I'm just talking to ‘em." 

So far reality has been working well for Boobe, who has a street album out hosted by DJ Cannon titled When Money Talk People Listen, and a video for the single "Can't Deal Without the Money" that's already garnered over half a million views on YouTube. While it's clear to many around him that Boobe is on the verge of doing something great, he'll be the first to say he still has a lot of hard work to do in order to make it happen. Hard work he's more than willing to put in.

"Once I'm pursuing something, I gotta keep doing it till it's done," he says passionately, adding that he feels his near decade on the come up has been like his own personal version of college. "It's been a learning experience," he explains, "because every year when I thought I was close to actually doing something I'd learn more stuff and be like, ‘OK, let me put all this together and really be right'."

Boobe's passion and dedication isn't limited to just his music. A car enthusiast, Boobe has two totally customized 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVilles, both of which he spent a considerable amount of time working on. First there's his pride and joy, his "Redskins" Coupe DeVille. "The whole inside looks like jerseys, but it's leather and it's tan stitched.  When you look at it you're like, ‘Damn, it really looks like a John Riggins jersey,' or Doug Williams, or Joe Theisman. It's serious." 

So serious the emcee took two full years to complete it. Boobe's other customized ride is done up in a special blue paint. "It really ain't have a name for it, so I was like OK, this is Boobe blue. I named it my own color.  It's nice. When it's dirty it's still glowin, like it got its own little aura."

Boobie also has his own little aura around him right now, and it's a good one. "A lot of rappers from here get hated on coming up," he explains, "but I've been getting a lot of love with what I've been doing." What Boobe's been doing has been a lot more than just rapping; he's also the CEO of Oy Boyz Records.

The phrase Oy Boyz may conjure up images of some kind of Jewish gang, but according to Boobe its origins actually lie in his crew's want to be unique. "A lot of rappers say yo, but we never really got into the yo, so one day we were like we're the only people who don't say yo, we're like the opposite of it, we're oy, we're the Oy Boyz. It was fun and at the shows we'd say it and the crowd would throw it right back to us, the reaction was crazy, so it was something that stuck with us."

Something else that's stuck with Boobe throughout the years is his name. "You already know a name like that, your mother gotta give you that," he says with a laugh. "As I started rappin I had to just go with the name that most of the people already know me by, so when they hear Boobe got a CD out, they know who it is."

Judging by his rapidly escalating popularity, there are a lot of people both in Washington DC, and the rest of the country, spreading the news that "Boobe got a CD out."

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draus said...

I always felt that the One Way crew (Oy Boyz) deserved that recognition first along with Kingpen Slim and Hood Life Money (and now LikeBlood). They been puttin in major work for a while.

D dot C said...

keep pushing homie after the darkness of the night the sun must come up its the laws of nature!!!


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DCSuperSid said...

Oy Boyz are the best rap group in DC, and they're "Back On Their All Black Sh%t"!!!!!