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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Carlton Banks Syndrome - The One(Goonz Squad)

A DMV Artist Who Is 15 Years Old Also In A Group Known As "Goonz Squad"
The Reason For The Track Is That Since I'm A young Artist I Feel Look Down On A lot Which Relates To Carlton Banks  
And The "DMV" Is Carlton And The Other Cities Are Will

                        -The One



K'lajh (backrowdmv.blogspot.com) said...

DMV= Carlton Banks???? smh, i dont think so. I would say the DMV is more like Jazzy Jeff, ha. Carlton is the definition of bamma. Keep doin your thing though, man. U got some talent and I see you think outside of the box

cap'n cracka said...

Get off yo pseudo intelleksual bandwagon, hata!! What you got cumin in that back row?? Sounds like u da bamma. THE ONE is a beast!!

joe moma said...

K'lajh??? U fakin'... go back on disney.com, B! Get me started...

Kobe said...

Cuz, The One is.