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Monday, April 28, 2008

Skins 2008 record...............

What do you all think about the skins schedule. How many do you think they will win this year? Please leave comment!

9/4 Giants7pm ET NBC  
9/14vs.  Saints1pm ET FOX  
9/21vs.  Cardinals1pm ET FOX  
9/28 Cowboys4:15pm ET FOX  
10/5 Eagles1pm ET FOX  
10/12vs.  Rams1pm ET FOX  
10/19vs.  Browns4:15pm ET CBS  
10/26 Lions1pm ET FOX  
11/3vs.  Steelers8:30pm ET ESPN  
11/16vs.  Cowboys8:15pm ET NBC  
11/23 Seahawks4:15pm ET FOX  
11/30vs.  Giants1pm ET FOX  
12/7 Ravens1pm ET FOX  
12/14 Bengals1pm ET FOX  
12/21vs.  Eagles1pm ET FOX  
12/28 49ers4:15pm ET FOX  

Oh and please keep in mind that lame a$$ draft they had this weekend.

1 comment:

Overok said...

9/4 @ Giants L
9/14 vs. Saints L
9/21 vs. Cardinals W
9/28 @ Cowboys L
10/5 @ Eagles W
10/12 vs. Rams W
10/19 vs. Browns W
10/26 @ Lions L
11/3 vs. Steelers L
11/16 vs. Cowboys L
11/23 @ Seahawks L
11/30 vs. Giants W
12/7 @ Ravens W
12/14 @ Bengals W
12/21 vs. Eagles W
12/28 @ 49ers W

I have faith in Zorn. 9-7 with tough loses in our division that may knock us out of a playoff spot. This is coming from the biggest Skins fan in the world.