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Friday, April 4, 2008

Progressing..............and still at it!


I go back at least 8 years with my homie Nile Nu Man. Well now he got the G.O.V poppin and still progressing. He had a lot of artist upset a few years back (On The local TV Show The Scene) with the whole "I'm the Mayor" thing but one thing you can say is youngin and his team is still doing it while a lot of those artist that was mad about him calling himself "The Mayor" are well................. missing.

The G.O.V. - We Are The Govament  vol. 1 Mixtape

Feel free to review and post for download. 

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Anonymous said...

what up judah. the blogs looking good man. Keep us posted over at startoftheline.wordpress.com. Come through and let us know what you think. Stay up man.