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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What up DMV! 

I was rapping to Tabbi via text about some records that he needed for his new album so of course I can get in the frame of mind when I'm making beats for the project and I decided to give yall alittle info........

JU: What's up with the album?

TB: Just really taking my time with it. I'm experimenting with some
different styles and taking more risks this go round. My first album
was dope, but I feel like I held back creatively just so the masses
could digest it. I will probably drop it mid to late summer.

JU: How is it coming along, whats the concept?

TB: Its coming along great! The album is called Dope meet Fresh...Fresh
meet Superstar. It encompasses everything from true hip-hop to soul to
pop/alternative, it even has a little hint of dub music. I'm actually
getting caught up by listening to my own songs a little too much and
getting intimidated by my own work. For the first time I think I've
been able to step outside of myself and listen to my own music as if
it wasn't me. And I gotta tell you...I'm a fan! Haha!!!

JU: And what u expect from this album?

TB:I expect to be thrust into legendary status after this! Haha, just
kidding, but not really. This album should definately solidify me as a
strong creative talent that is not predictable. Just when you think
you have me figured out, you will realize that you don't. When its all
said and done, I will either fall flat on my face or be an official
international superstar aka trendsetter. I'm putting all of my money
on the latter. LOL!!

JU: Oh yeah what's up with the clothing line?
TB: I have a boutique clothing line out called bonney runway. Its an
exclusive line in which we only release a couple of designs per season
in a very limited amount. Its pretty much only for the trendsetters, I
didn't create it with the masses in mind. I use to have it in
boutiques as well as Uo Against the Wall a couple of years ago, but I
decided to revamp the whole lookand approach of it. Right now we are
just doimg a soft launch online: www.bonneyrunway.com
We will probably put it back in physical stores later on this year.

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