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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's up son, son, son, son, son!

I remember going to NY in 1998 with a buddy of mine who was from NY. Just being in his hood and seeing how New Yorkers live was a experience in its self but when I heard them calling each other "son" and "god" and "king" I was like these some "bamma a$$ ni66as" (back when I used to use that word). Well now it seems we "some bamma a$$ ni66as". When I'm out and about and meet these youngins out here all you here them saying is "son" or "son, son". 

What the hell is going on? What the hell is going on. If it wasn't already bad enough that these youngins out here are starting to  dress like New Yorkers, now we using the lingo. Geesh! Similar to how most of the music coming out of the city now sounds like some knockoff "A" town ish our identity is fading as I type. 

This rapper came in my studio yesterday repping NE but was looking like Juelz Santana. He had a bandanna sitting like a crown on his head, with some custom AF1's and a biker chain thing on his hip. 

Need I say more!

Please comment, I'm trying to understand this new phenomenon!


Anonymous said...

Whats good judah?
This $keeBo from UPT.
Just wanted to stop through and comment on the "Whats up Son". Yea I remeber a while back when niggaz from DC wouldnt be caught sayin yo, son, God or or none of that straight New York lingo. Not to mention the scatebord thing. You would be called a cold bamma. But alot has changed. Now you see youngins off there scateboard, whiteboy look, and for a couple years we been sayin son. But what makes the difference to me is how we say it. DC is known for havin our own style and ways. Me personally, I dont think its nuffin wrong wit sayin son. I use the word myself. Yeah New York been sayin it but not like us! Ya dig. But you not bout to catch me sayin Yo B , or Yo dunn. It just aint me. As far dress wise, I do be sein people off there most Dipset Jim Jones look. Juelz stamped rockin the bandana on the side. I jy like feel you on that though. We gota stay original. But, if youngins wanna dress like who they admire, than to me it's cool. Just make sure it's stamped with that D.M.V swagg all day so nobody cant get it twisted. Again thats just my opinion. Thats a good topic though. I like to see what other people think too.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Well you do have a few good points, but I think that DMV lingo,styles and trends are being accepted in the main-stream now. Acceptance into that "Main-stream" is what we have been striving for so now that we are here you will start seeing some people from the area mixing it up a stylistically...we cant where drop socks and say "JOE" for ever son....YAAH!
SK Management Company

Anonymous said...

I think there are far worse words being used as greetings and labels to worry about! I also think that people who say son don't *usually* mean it in a derogatory manner. But I feel you on the 10 year old NYC lingo, lol. Good blog!


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

How lame...you're lame for this post...how pointless...

Anonymous said...

We are in a age where BET MTV and VH1,and magazines are raising our youth we used to be influenced by the neighborhood cool cat that wore HOGO BOSS the HIGH TOP GUCCI'S FROM atlantic city white, green ,black or even the red ones. We as the dmv need to be influenced by our own style and nothimng is wrong with who we are new balance track shoes solbiato shirt etc.....nothing wrong with saying joe young jive like. Be proud of your self D.M.V. we are next>>>>>> precaite the POST too homie your beats got that knock I need 1 of them joint GONE>>>>

Tiffany said...

You lame for being anonymous! LOL

Anonymous said...


Dude. Thats whaaa i dont understand! These bama ass niggas stay on NY dick. Im like why you try'na put on a front like you from somewhere you not.

All cities have there own thing.
and i am not hate'n on anybody.

but whaaa is wrong with the DMV..?

we bring alot to the table.

we the capitol bitches!!!!!!!

to me "son" is just another word for "my nigga" prettymuch...if you think about it like a bond/kinship.

but yea.

maybe thats just me.

Unknown said...

"God" didnt really bother me too much. Id rather hear "son" than n**** and thats no matter if you from NYC or DMV. Anything is better than JOE!

BTW....you can't really know for sure that youre hot until you have someone hatin on you for no damn reason....so you need to thank "anonymous" for being that someone....