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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

@loveslimvicious - Outlaw

Recording artist SlimVicious, from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) is a very intimate, lyrical, and creative artist. He’s not afraid to talk about the hardships in his life, he lyrically compels you, and demands the audience attention through his confidence & stylishness. Since the age of 7 SlimVicious has been writing his own music. In 2012 Slim decided to take his song writing abilities seriously and began to chase his dreams. With his 90’s flow & hippie-outlaw inspired style Slim delivers classics. Since taking music seriously he is now sponsored by Los Angeles clothing line Growing Gardens. Also has released 4 mix tapes “A Hippies Paradise” “Smoke and Mirrors” “Golden Grams” and “Music For The Gods”. SlimVicious has even started his own company Hippie Outlaw Vision (H.O.V.) which helps develop artist, producers, photographers, as well as graphic designers. Hippie Outlaw Vision is a place where creative people can think freely and bring their wildest dreams into fruition. To book SlimVicious for performances or inquire about guest features, email: SlimVicious.booking@gmail.com

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