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Sunday, December 2, 2012

[NEW MUSIC] @Substantial Presents: Sheff’s Kitchen ‘Just Watchin’

 Sheff’s Kitchen provides an intriguing perspective on life by viewing it from the inside out. Knell Rashad delivers captivating, eclectic, potent, introspective lyrics that resonate in the hearts and souls of people. His background in the hospitality industry and in the field of education, in addition to his community service experiences grant his message relevance with socially charged subject matter that centers on faith in God. Knell Rashad’s refreshingly abstract style compliments Kenju’s unique syncopation. Kenju’s curious rhythms invite you to reminisce about the early 90’s boom bap with an edge. This Maryland based duo of blood brothers aims to stir your soul and engage your mind; which are the main ingredients in their weighty recipe.

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