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Monday, December 10, 2012


"The day begins early. No - not typical for the average 22 year old. But this 22 year old is far from average. He's been making music since he was 11. After breakfast and a shower, work begins at 9 a.m. Follow-ups with DJs and radio stations, getting the day's business in line, staying connected with fans. A quick lunch launches him into his daily workout and right into the afternoon's tasks: a meeting with manager Angela Powell, laying down tracks for new mix tape and spending time with the pen and the pad, the lyricist's favorite tools. What more do you need to know about Youngsta? We could talk lyrical creativity and freestyle flow, and we could direct you to the tracks, the video clips, Facebook - Twitter, tell you to play this-or-that and look out for such-and-such concert or project coming down the pipe. But if you want to know what Youngsta is really about, know this: the talent is God-given but the drive to succeed is man-made. Youngsta is about combining flow and fun with business and branding. His talent for writing a strong hook? For riding the beat? That's why he's good. His commitment to the craft, the business, the day-in day-out of it all? That's why he'll be here for the long haul. Get ready --Youngsta's putting in work!" He is DC's Hottest Party Rapper.

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