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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dugee F. Buller-"Je Signifie"


"In the mist of all this summer madness, Dugee F. Buller along with Losing Freedumb Ent., felt the need to drop something of substance, quality, and distinguished GANGSTA SHYT! What is being presented to you right now is "Je Signifie". "Je Signifie" is french for "i mean", a statement used heavy in the DMV area. This project is the first project from Dugee that shows more expression on his personal feelings then ever before. Recruiting some of the best talent in the DMV area, Dugee presents pain, struggle, laughter, compassion, and truth through each song.
Track 1. "Troubled Man" ft Marvin Gaye
Track 2. "My Life" ft. Hype
Track 3. "Stand Away Some" ft Remy
Track 4. "Bad Brown" ft Superstar
Track 5. "Move On"
Track 6. "Wassup"
Track 7. "Womb"
Track 8. "Go Wit The Flow" ft Duane Face
Track 9. "Time Slips Away" ft The Ohio Players
Track 10. "Time" ft Joe.D
Track 11. "Million Dolla Mission"
Track 12. "The Credits"


Mr. X-cellent said...

this joint go one of my fav projects from Dugee
Go Wit the Flow and Million Dollar Mission need to be summer anthems!!!!!!!

DJ Torkaveli said...

Million Dollar Mission is the best