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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congrads Mugsy

Steady On The Come Up: Muggsy Malone Secures digital distribution thru VIO Mobile


Washington DC, 8:18 PM July 29


Recent Fontana/Universal Music Group artist and DC Metro Area on the come up MC, Muggsy Malone a.k.a The Parkway Kid whose name stands for Motivation U Gain Grinding Surviving Yesterday has entered into a one of a kind three year agreement with International digital distributor FUHU, Inc  Parent company of VIO Mobile in an non-exclusive agreement to distribute his ringtones and songs via the internet and cellphones worldwide. The company is in conjuction with Sony BMG, Zomba, Jive as well as computer manufacturer ACER, who is releasing a new prototype cellphone to the public sometime in the year 2010. Artist like T-Pain, Beyonce, J-Lo and Brittney Spears are also affiliates of VIO Mobile.com


“This is a really great thing for me to be offered this type of opportunity early on in my pro career like this and Im grateful for it. ” says Muggs.  “This is just coming up onto the release of my street album TPK: Two Legs And Ten Toes that i’m releasing in the fall which is another milestone in my career. Its like my demo tape  and now the world is going to have a chance to hear it.” As far as detractors to his slow but bubbling come up in raps major arena he said, “I’m really paving my own lane that needs not to be said.  I’ve been compared to everybody from Jay-Z to Scarface to 50 Cent. I respect them to the uptmost but I do me and that’s what a man does. TPK I think is gonna set me apart from that. I think I reflect the struggle of someone coming up from nothing to something. The guy who works and sells drugs on the side just to survive. The kid that wouldn’t give up till he makes it cause people told him he couldn’t.”


Muggsy became part of music history in the DC area as the only MC to be offered a recording contract from WPGC 95.5 Myspace Mondays segment in DC which was hosted by the Flex & Rayne, when his underground classic song “Be Alright” laid behind a Timeless Beats produced sample of Johnny Gills’ “There You Go” was an introspective cut about the hardships of his come up made it to the airwaves in March of 2008. His single “Somewhere To Be At” produced by grammy winning producer Infamous has helped to earned him a respectable following on the internet and was highly touted as one of the best songs from an up and coming artist on popular website Allhiphop.com in 2008. Wale producer Judah’s website For The DMV Only , WPGC’s DJ Heat popular blogsite DC Mumbosauce , DJBooth.net and Kevin Nottingham are all dot coms that have featured TPK’s music.


Muggsy Malone’s street album TPK: Two Legs And Ten Toes features production by Kajmir Royale, Judah, Streetrunner, Infamous, Timeless Beats, The Tek, Ra Charm and DC production duo Best Kept Secret and is slated to feature Mo Betta of Topp Dogg Hill, RA The MC and the DC underground rap group Product Of The Streets and will be released this fall.  The first single slated for release is called “Greatness”


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K'lajh (backrowdmv.blogspot.com) said...

good look for him. Thats wassup, this mans gonna do some big things I can tell.

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Anonymous said...

He's making a smart move getting that digital distribution deal..I went thst route too with Catapult Distribution.... So far I have sold a few of 'Look at me" single as well as "She Got It Goin On"... Ya betta check up on it... And no!!! I didn't get it thru Cdbaby.com... I get 90% cut.not short change...lol
-Hevewae The Underground Beast

Ardamus said...

Much respect to him for this power move.

CK said...

well deserved.. FINALLY a real dude is getting an opportunity to get his voice to the masses.. major look.. luck= preparation and opportunity...much respect..