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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Package...................

Dimensions (formerly 1Two) represents Riggs Park NE, Grizz represents
Northern VA and Staten Island NY and Theory reps Southern VA
(Tidewater) and Greenbelt MD. Three great minds, from three great
crews and three different places (all over the map and the DMV),
coming together to form The Package...

Get It Here:

Washington Express Article:

I finally got to it bro and I aint mad at it!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite groups period.

J-$crilla of Guns-N-Butter/Inner Loop Records said...

my dudes!

Anonymous said...

they showed me major love in the blogs, and you know what it is when you say "Riggs Park" around me...automatic love. keep grindin!

Anonymous said...

HOT TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!

J-$crilla of Guns-N-Butter/Inner Loop Records said...

naw that aint rbi. thats theory. haha

Alan Page said...

first off, massive thanks for that dmv love, judah!!!

second off, much dmv love to start of the line, j-scrilla and lyriciss (watch out for that young spitter, he killing em out here!).

last but not least, many thanks for the love benji. and, no, that is theory in the middle. rbi used to dj for infinite loop, which was the group all three members of the package used to roll with, so i can see how you might mix the brothers up.

we still pushing, y'all! the dmv is bringing in the new golden era!

(hope to see all y'all at the h street festival this saturday on 14th and H St Northeast...the package goes on at 4:30 and they gon tear it up!)

dmv love,

co-owner, pkg entertainment (home of the package)

Anonymous said...

good music. who said DC dont got good hip hop?

Anonymous said...

not my kinda music but they on that indie shit so respect. but one thing is still be hip hop but make it fresher. it sounds old head tyoe corny to me.

Mr. 40. Watt said...

Yeah I read that article in the Express good read. Deez dudes been doing their thing. I'm glad two see it's still so many other artists from DC's 90's Hip-Hop that are still making moves today & finally getting the respect deserved.