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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Judah Gives You.........Y1-"The Bxxxth Tape"

Hailing from Baltimore, MD Y1 presents The Bxxxh Tape. “The Bxxxh Tape“ is a story about a man expressing himself as he deals with relationship issues, along with the trial and error that comes with being a single man. With relationships being so trivial in this day and age, Y1 speaks out on his perspective in a way that people could relate to and enjoy as well. From baby mama drama to blind dates, he leaves no stone unturned on his latest album. Y1 teamed up with the soulful sounds of Dennard Watson, Jay Talbayne, Branu of Bangladesh records, and the trapped out drums of C4 of Digital Drugs, and Bluemondale.The range of artists and musicians involved makes a great musical experience for any and everyone that hits the play button. 

“No matter how you play this tape, beginning to end or vice verse, it still tells a story” -Y1

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