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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Female Artists of the DMV Unite to Remake The Panther Soundtrack's "Freedom" (Video)

Just like in 1995 when the best female artists in the industry united to create the monumental song from the Panther soundtrack with a goal of empowering women, a similar mission was set forth in this DMV version. 

"The idea came into fruition shortly after the presidential election and the emotional outrage seen across the nation after that," says Resurrecting Queenz founder Kenilworth Katrina. "The goal was to continue to provide a message of hope and unity, as well as to celebrate individuality amongst women. During a time where freedom seems to be moving further from our grasps while division moves closer, it was important for us to convey on this track what many in the country were feeling."

"Freedom" marks the second track from the Resurrecting Queenz. In 2015 they first gained notoriety with their remake of the hip-hop classic "Self Destruction".

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