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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DC Native Beau Young Prince Releases His Highly Anticipated 'Until Then' LP (2016)

Beau Young Prince embodies the groove on 'Until Then.' What Until Then signifies is the tale of a DC artist pushing the boundaries of creativity and musicianship, cultivating a wave of sound that travels far beyond the borders of the District of Columbia.

Paired with his go-to producer Yalamusiq, (sort of a Drake & 40 or Batman & Robin type of situation, whichever analogy you prefer) Beau’s captivatingly detailed journey of late studio nights, trippy tour stops, and tireless writing sessions are poured into the album, weaving a combination of sonic innovation and crisply mastered production which in turn adds newly tweaked elements to an already budding sound.
Released March 10th, Until Then is soulful passion; a blissful mix of Yala’s Midas touch and BYP’s knack for blending thoughtful rhyme and soft, memorable melodies. The album consists of 13 cuts, ranging anywhere from records like “Galapagos,” and “Kisses Don’t Lie,” which are melodic onslaughts of emotionally charged and reminiscent messages, to more of Beau’s smoker-friendly tracks like “Smoking Everywhere,” “Faded In The Night,” and “Blue Dreams.” Not to mention “Half & Half Tea” which is high-energy ode to a not just a popular carry-out drink, but an entire culture rooted in the nations capital.
What Beau and Yala have amassed is body of work that signifies struggle, unwavering dedication, and a seemingly unmatched work ethic and skill set that will hopefully carry this album through for some time to come. This is truly just the inception of what the future holds, but Until Then…

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