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Thursday, March 3, 2016

@SmoochieBlanco - LET'S CALL IT BLACK EP

DC-based female rapper, Smoochie Blanco’s newest EP, [Let’s Call it Black], takes music aficionados on an real, raw and rugged journey to spark their inner consciousness surrounding our nation’s perception, cultural appropriation, lack of appreciation for and misrepresentation of ‘black’. Smoochie is no stranger to the music industry and has been penning songs since the tinder age of 10. She wholeheartedly embraced her emcee prowess at the age of 15. Multi-talented and multi-faceted, she masterminded and architected this new collection of music by drawing from black culture, plights associated with having black skin, personal experiences, and black history. Each of the five tracks on this EP has her signature gritty self-expression and provocative style: (Faded), (U Ain’t Know feat. Roc Mikey), (Mr. Officer feat. Christa Lee), (Celebration) and (SUPREME). Each of these songs boasts unconventional beats, poetic rhymes and unmatched soliloquy-style flow.

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