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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chico Gatsby - Cry Wolf

Bio:  Brandon Gatling aka Chico Gatsby was born and raised in DC. As a child he was heavily influenced by rappers such as Notorious B.I.G, DMX, Kanye West and, Jay­Z. Chico began rapping around the age of 20 after losing a couple of close friends to murder and a motorcycle accident within the same year. At first he would use writing as a way to relieve stress. He found himself losing interest in college, debating on dropping out in addition to taking one to two classes a semester. Throughout his life he sold a series of drugs in order to survive modern day social life. Also known for his photography skills, Gatsby became close friends with Shek Tarawallie taking photos and coming up with visions for Tarawallie’s SWAVOR clothing line. After long nights of photoshoots and the conversations about Gatsby’s rap career, as far as becoming legit, Tarawallie co-birthed the name “Chico Gatsby”. Inspired by the book “The Great Gatsby” and his past drug dealing lifestyle the name was created.Chico Gatsby has undoubtedly made his way to the ears of the public. One­fifth of the DC based rap group, Jungle Mafia, Chico brings a new wave of light to the hip hop scene. Featured on WorldstarHipHop for his music video “On & On’ alongside partner Al Chike, Chico has made his point that he has arrived on this new generation’s hip hop. In 2015 Chico Gatsby released his first mixtape “Cry Wolf”. The mixtape takes you on a journey through Chico Gatsby’s lifestyle and his recent love life. He lays down the perfect visuals through his fiery lyrics. Capturing his anger and frustration throughout his life.

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