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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

@DorothyMilone "King Me Now" Official Music Video

Royalty runs through the veins of the female pop group Dorothy Milone!
Or at least you will think so, after viewing their highly anticipated music video for the single “King Me Now”. 
This multiethnic pop group lures you into what appears to be an innocent road trip that leads to a modern day house of horrors.  The “King Me Now” music video was shot at the Bates Motel in Pennsylvania.  Little did the girls realize there was an actual paranormal activity that went completely unnoticed during the video shoot.  Look at the video closely and see if you recognize a supernatural occurrence.
Bow down fellas, Dorothy Milone isn’t your everyday singing group.  Listen to their vocals, admire their beauty, and talk to them on the Dorothy Milone Radio Show.
This group is sure to be recognized and crowned with girl groups from the past that have served as their inspiration!!

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