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Monday, July 28, 2014

@kageeheh - Slow it Down (Official Music Video) with Lyrics

Kage Eheh is an indie hip hop artist and producer.  His family came from Jamaica to Washington D.C. where he was born. The influence of reggae combined with growing up in Maryland and being exposed to everything from boombap to rock helped him develop a very eclectic and diverse sound. Referred to by most as "Outside of the box", The ability to play different instruments and produce his own songs gives him the freedom to make what he wants when he wants. According to him "It's almost like I have different personalities. People think because you act one way you can't another way. It's stupid, there are different sides to people. One day I'm feeling one way the next day I'm feeling another. I'm a real person just like anyone else and my music reflects that. I'm not gonna make the same songs over and over. One day I might wanna party next day I might wanna read a book. It's just real life".

Ironically this self-produced single is about the inner fight, the constant back and fourth battle between those different personalities. One side trying to push everything to the limit not thinking of the consequences and the other side constantly worrying about the future, consequences, and wanting to be more careful or "Slow It Down".

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