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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

@rodexodus - Here On Cloud 9

Jahrod Coates (also known as Rod Exodus) is a singer/songwriter from the DMV area. He was born in San Diego, CA and raised in PG County, MD a small county right outside Washington, D.C. where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years. Jahrod started singing at the young age of 1. “I’ve been singing ever since I could talk,” Rod Exodus expressed, “Singing is all I know, I can't and won’t do nothing else but sing. Whenever I get the chance I sing!” He spent most of his childhood singing in the church choir and various groups. “Mom’s made sure I was in church. It wasn't until the age of 21 when Jahrod wrote his very first song entitled, “Steady Switchin.” The song was based on all the fake friends and people he encountered growing up in an urban area. People who he thought were for him proved otherwise and plotted against him. Though that was his first song he ever wrote, he felt it wasn't strong enough to be his first single. From there, he wrote a song that could be aimed at a larger audience entitled, “Here On Cloud 9” which is the first single he released to the public. "Here on Cloud 9" is a song about a long lost relationship and the sexcapades within it.

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