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Saturday, March 1, 2014

@MasiGWOMO - "Money Power Respect"

"Cool, calm and collected with an intense feeling" is often used to describe the rhyming style of 25yr old, Up and coming artist Masi GWOMO.
      He has a mature flow and feel of the late 80's and early 90's he's often referred to a "Gentleman Gangsta" Born and raised in Chillum Heights, Maryland...
Masi raised by a strong single mother and older sister had started putting rhymes together at a mere 12yrs old. Masi credits this for his will to
grind and provide through any circumstance!!
   Masi dropped his first major project in October 2010 releasing" Paid N Full Vol.1" which was a mixtape blending the classic movie with his own actual
life, stories and thoughts. Masi has a known quote of "I make music for everybody!!...The hustler, the college student, the average Joe with a 9-5 and
everybody in between.....I am them! Literally!

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