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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fair - Child of God (Album)

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Fair impresses with Child of God, a powerful debut project featuring aggressive, clever lyricism and delightfully dark production. A member of G5 Music Group, Fair’s music highlights a host of different influences and gives stark, poignant perspective on the life he’s experienced in the gritty streets of Richmond. Building on the success of singles such as “Shotgun Ridin’” and “Drinkin’ & Smokin’,”Child of God stands out from the crowd and refuses to bow to temporary trends.

Child of God is filled with intriguing conflict, as Fair balances his desire to be like Christ with painful experiences and human vulnerabilities. Richmond, the former capital of the Confederacy, is uniquely nestled between the north and the south. Child of God reflects this with the seamless incorporation of different regional influences, tied together by trunk-rattling bass and infectious choruses.

With the exception of Mr. Ivory Snow’s production of “Drinkin & Smokin,” Child of God is produced entirely by Conrizzle, who is also known for producing for the likes of Loaded Lux, Jim Jones, and Nickelus F, among others. Guest artists on Child of God include Conrizzle and his alter ego Loochey Lovely, Mr. Ivory Snow, Dr. Millionaire, Chance Fischer, MH Tha Prez, and Erikka J. Child of God has been assembled, sequenced, and shaped with admirable precision to shock the world and ensure that Fair’s debut is a very difficult record to forget.

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