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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

@Biggz_Est1988 - "ALL OF THE LIGHTS"

Born in Baltimore, Maryland , Brian "biggz" Haden has always had a passion for music. Starting in the band in 3rd grade he always had a niche for producing. He played percussion until 7th grade, then moving to Virginia beach he was introduced to the world of in studio producing. Meeting new friends he then joined a local crew called THE TEAM.He learned how to make beats and started to devolpe an ear for in studio producing and engineering. Soon after his crew went there seperate ways so he started his own label called MAJOR MOVEMENT. With them he started rapping and thru his high school career and begining adult life he did shows in Atlanta, VA, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Also linking with another group he toured with them for a while in the "Warped Tour". He than began to open up for famous artist such as Jim jones, Mullege ,and various artist at afram and other events. Letting the label go he then started to focus on his recording studio and producing/rapping career.

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