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Monday, January 28, 2013

SHATiFF "WoodSide"

Shatiff - "WoodSide"
Authenticore Hip-Hop Artist Shatiff provides another visual to his upcoming autobiographical album, Lost Articles of Steve Jenkins. "WoodSide" is a metaphor for unspoken "swagger," style and the magnetic force that attracts the opposite sex. The name "WoodSide" is commemorative of Shatiff's neighborhood in Glenarden, Maryland (DMV), where the authentic, cool nature of its soldiers prevails. Director Jay Gregory of Cool Kids Forever Films brings this imagery to life with close-up angles that depict a light and playful side of Shatiff and the various curves of the leading lady, Model Tamekia Porter, the "eye-candy" in WoodSide. The track was produced by K-Roc Productz.

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