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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[NEW MUSIC] BLUEfiveone "I Can Do It" MIXTAPE Inbox x

BLUEfiveone has been hard at work for the last year and a half. And it shows with his first project of the year. The "I Can Do It" MIXTAPE is the first step into the mind of BLUEfiveone. Each song has a positive vibe and a somewhat nostalgic hip hop/ R&B feel. Its a most have mixtape to start the warmer days of 2013. 

Looking forward to you sharing, reviewing, and leaving your comments on the social site of your choice. Also, keep your ears open for BLUEfiveone's acoustic EP, and BLUE County EP, later this year.

When you take the powerful and emotional lyrics from Tupac, combined with the hard hitting performance energy of Rage Against the Machine, and sprinkle the fantastic song writing of Frank Ocean you get an artist known to the world as BLUEfiveone.

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