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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haiti Boyz



Dictator Music Group Presents: The Haiti Boyz
by Autumn K
Reality is always heard. Real always matters. The Haiti Boyz bring legend worthy vision to their lyrical proliferation of the hard knock life of the streets. Garnering the streets as inspiration, they create witty word play across hard beats that preach the code of street success and dedication as the ultimate loyalty in the game of life.
Haiti Boyz rap isn't about a made up world of glam and glitz. It is about a world of conquest, survival and conquer. It gives the method and message of street success in a way that delivers what the fans want to hear and what audiences are listening for.
Currently conquering the local scene with radio ready hits, Internet singles, mixtapes, and club/show appearances that inspire fans performance by performance, the Haiti Boyz are a group ready for the throne of rap.
The future for Haiti Boys includes an Eastern states 2012 summer tour, collaborations with indie label stars and major artist alike, and continued performances at local clubs throughout the United States.
Watch the journey of the Haiti Boyz on video or live, become a fan of their wide web of social media connections and listen as they create hit after hit on their path to deliver the best in street rap to the nation and beyond.
Mucheo Dinero
Lashawn Kelley

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