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Sunday, December 13, 2009

PICS: DMV Paintball Day

Saturday Dec 12, 2009, A few of us DMV music folks went out in Haymarket Virginia and got some Modern Warfare type paintball in. We had a dope time out in thye field. My persoanl vendetta was with Overok. lol But all in all it was a great day to get out and release some tension and have some fun. 

Everybody had their fair share of hits. Cant wait for the next paintball outing.

****Paintball TIP Drink a 5 HOUR ENERGY and a ROCKSTAR Drink before you go out and you will NOT feel ANYTHING!

Big Shout Out to Overok for putting this together.


Overok said...

My legs are not liking me right now.

Upset The Setup said...

Looks like DMV Rap Jihadi training!

Kristian said...

Juda give me anther word besides
DOPE the word is old buddy......

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are crazy!