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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few EXCLUSIVE pics from BAD BOY ENT. own Jonel Monae rocking in the DMV.

If yall don't know who Jonel Monae is well........KILL YOURSELF! She is dope, a little weird but DOPE. She was in the DMV for a small intimate show and you know I was there.

The show wasnt that bad. The music was right and the venue was cool but I was left feeling somewhat confused. I used to think babygirl was hott and wanted to drop it off in her but then when I seen her on stage walking around like a robot the entire show...It turned me off. As Vanessa Blue pointed out she didnt even say "Hello" or "Goodbye" to the fans. I was kinda creepy. Would I go see her again............Probably NOT!


i said...

DAMN HOW THE FUCK I MISS THIS. slim ahead of her time.

Anonymous said...

drop it off in her? oh, judah...lol

Anonymous said...

Love her music but you make it sound like a disappointing experience. Hmm.

Tiffany said...

Definitly was a let down especially when she threw water in the crowd.........and I had on my MF DOOMS. Pissed. She wasnt personable at all and didnt speak to the crowd at all.

Anonymous said...

damn Judah why you aint tell nobody. her music is the shit.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa Blue???????

forget i said that