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Thursday, August 28, 2008


1. How does it feel now that SNES is out? And what's the response?

 I feel WONDERFUL!!! I feel like that I can finally get my music out to my fans and the people who slept and or did crud shit to me. Now they're are sitting there as there friends listen to the mixtape like, "I hate this nigga!" Mostly my responses have been good tho. I got haters. That makes me feel good. lol. Never had those before so I'm very proud to say for every hater I have the harder I work.  
2. Why did it take so long to come out?

 For a few reasons. I had to relocate to Sterling because of personal problems. Also, I just didin't have the songs I wanted to use. If I wouldn't have pushed it back you wouldn't have got records like "SuperNikeNando", ect. But I feel like me just throwing it out instead of waiting was a good move honestly.

3. What has been happening in ya world?

 Well alot! I'm currently in the process of creating a new project. Not gonna talk too much about it because it's under wraps until it's done. I am starting a record label along with Mouse & Azizi Gibson. That should be in effect by the next project release & More shows with GCC in NYC.

4. What's in ya ipod?

 That Cyan project is crazy! I listen to it at work. I'm proud of him, we go way back he's doing his thing right now. P.I.R., Wale, Lyriciss, preHistoric, Azizi Gibson, Mouse, N*E*R*D, Kiss, Kid Cudi, Nirvana, Metalica. I just enjoy music, man. lol.

5. How do yo feel bout cats saying you sound like wale or lupe?

 Okay. Here's the thing, with the Wale thing, people don't understand were from the SAME area, THUS we kind of use the same grammer. That's like saying everyone from Atlanta sounds alike, you know? We have our own slang. That's all I have to say about that. Now the Lupe thing, I HARDLY listen to Lupe. I have both the albums but I do not what-so-ever see a comparison. I sound like NandoMcFlyy. and that's who I am. The outkast who took up for geeks and made my own terms.

6. What's ya plan for the rest of "08"?

 Continue to GRIND. Stack up until I'm where I need to be. Do more shows and continue to attempt to kill these radio stations until I get on.

7. Any local rappers you checking for?

 I'm checking for Mouse's new mixtape that should be CRAZY. Idk whoever has potential. I guess. lol.

8. Where do you hangout in the city? What's ya favorite place to eat in the DMV? What's ya favorite place to shop in the DMV?

 I mostly just ride on the metro and go from Largo to Va. I'll hit up The Blvd. for Panda Express and I hit Gallery Place for Chipotle. lol. But when I'm shopping I'll hit Central out Waldorf, Palace 5, C'mon & Stussy.

 9. How does ya life effect the music you make?

 My life effects my music in MANY ways. I'm LOW middle class. I've been homeless and some more shit. I've been through ALOT in my 20 years of living, I never had it easy. It's more to me than just rapping about fashion and being fresh, I'm doing this so my family can live better. That's why I work so I don't have to ask for nothing from anyone. I hate hand outs, because some people feel like they can take there time and bs around on you. But not me. I represent kids who have been picked on because they were different and never given a chance to show what there made of.

 10. One of the comments that was made when I posted ya mixtape was " he sounds angry, he sounds like he's trying to prove a point" Are you trying to prove a point?

 Always. I'm better than alot, yes I said alot of artist. Not from here in the world. But, I'm over looked. Once I get my foot in the door these assholes are gonna be upset. I'm making it hard for these youngins putting out that corny shit. And I'm not talking about Solja Boy because I respect dude. He doing what he has to do so he can be alright. But these other youngins and that corny CRAP! Come on! Give me a break!

11. Anything u want to say to the DMV?

Thanks to the people who downloaded the mixtape and Yemi for helping to promote it. Look forward to some ill music in the near future from me. Thank you DMV! I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

tell'em why you mad son

Anonymous said...

nando is cool just needs some guidance!

DopeYemi® said...

Nando's is on his way to makin his dream come true.