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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another GO-GO type Record from a non DMV artist!

New record from Fantasia


Vic said...

GoGo is the new sound to exploit!

Anonymous said...

I am a D.M.V. native...Pops was born in DC, I have lived all throughout Pretty Girl (PG) County all my life and I have Family all throughout VA (burke, dale city...etc) and I am soooo glad that we are no longer 3 separate states, but 1 unified front! I am delighted and am moved by the Energy coming from all the up and coming talent in the D.M.V. and I am proud to see us stand up for non-D.M.V. natives jacking our style.

Above all that we have to be careful of these chameleons who seem to have love for the City, but do not show love to the people that are holding the city down and opening the doors for other artists.

Laelo Hood is an aritst from St. Louis who has migrated to the District. He currently has a song called "Unify" where he (in my opinion) is way out of pocket for making some of the statements that he has recorded in reference to Tabi Bonney and the DC Ambassador himself Wale. He claims that it is not a diss, but just his opinion. But when you weren't born and raised here and you are merely making observations it is hard for natives, such as myself to take these statements lightly:

"this the district!/ where there aint no state of mind just four sections of the city"

How much of an insult is that? Does he know that there use to be a time when one of the "sections" could not go anywhere near the another? No matter how small or great the progress is it should be praised that we have come to the point where we are now.

"nobody do it better, but everybody wanna be first to put the city on the map/so they use gimmicks they have no limits/ still don't realize the industry's a trap/they're either a gangsta or they're a fly guy/couple months passed and your buzz is waving bye-bye"

Tabi Bonney's first album was entitled "Fly Guy's Theme" so that is apparent who he is referencing. and Tabi just shot a Video in West Africa - how major is that???

Wale, Marky and Raheem all have deals...did they fall in a trap or put Our city on the map??? I'll let you decide that....

"and what about the GO-GO/we wont let it go so/shouldn't be no ???-???/ it still remains local"

Maybe I interpreted this wrong, but Wale has a song called "Back in the Go-Go" and Wale toured the UK. That's not local... Hmmm..... Then I was watching a clip of a guy from Trouble Funk who was just talking about how they went around the world and back. There is nothing wrong with the world hearing Our sound as long as they know where it came from!

This is not a diss, just merely my opinion, because as KB said it is bigger than us, it's about DC and right now if you are not showing love, there is NO reason anyone should show any back...

Dont get me wrong the brother is talented, he just crossed that fine line, maybe if he was from here, but he's NOT so he can't speak on it


Judah a.k.a Mr. In High Demand p.k.a Recession Free! said...

Now thats a comment! hahahahaha