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Thursday, July 10, 2008

THE DMV's Top Ten List!

The good folks over at the www.dalockerroom.blogspot.com put together a list of the hottest artist/groups in the DMV check it out. I try to stay away from this type of stuff because I work with most of these artist and groups so I'm glad someone else did it.

This list is based on recent sales and radio play, street buzz, label status and body of work. Artist must have released product, had a radio single or created buzzworthy news within the last 12 months. Also, I define the DMV as DC, PG/Montgomery/Charles (basically anything thats doesn't border Baltimore) and Northern VA. (sorry Chris Brown, Trey Songz and The Clipse). I will be posting an all time list in the upcoming weeks.

So without further adieu...I present to you my list of the "Top Ten Urban Artist/Groups In The DMV".

  1. Raheem DeVaughn (major label artist, large fanbase, radio/video play, catalog)

  2. Wale (signed to arguably the best major for rap (Interscope), large fanbase, street/industry buzz, radio play, featured with several major label artist)

  3. J. Holiday (major label artist, hit single, album sales)

  4. Mambo Sauce (two certified hit singles in last year on Billboard charts, radio/video play, large fanbase)

  5. Tabi Bonney (two hit singles in last year, radio/video play, large fanbase)

  6. Chuck Brown (DC legend, released album last year with Chucky Thompson, radio play, large fanbase)

  7. Marky (major label artist, managed by Kenny Burns (industry vet), recently released solid mixtape)

  8. The Committee (two hit singles in last year, radio play, streetbuzz)

  9. The Oy Boyz (large fanbase, streetbuzz, strong mixtape catalog, recognized outside of DC by national artist)

  10. TNT (Top Notch Teamsters)-(large fanbase, streetbuzz, strong catalog of songs/albums)
Honorable Mention: Backyard, Familiar Faces, Gerreddi, SE Slim, Ms. Kim, UCB, Whitefolkz, Don Juan, TCB, Da Mayor, 20 Bello, B.A., Kingpin Slim

I will be re-publishing this list periodically so if you think you were wrongfully left off, make sure you keep Da Locker Room on your radar. Send us your upcoming events, projects, news, etc. and post your myspace page in the comments section so people can hear your music. We will also post some of your items you send...So until next time...Holla! (Stay tuned for the Best Go-Go Bands of All-Time list and several other DMV top list!)


Goadometalk.com said...


Anonymous said...

That blogspot doesn't exist...unless it's typed wrong.

Tiffany said...

Nah it right pimpin. You just gotta type it right!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the list...cuz right now due to popularity and MTV and BET video plays i would take Raheem over Wale.
but BAckyard left off>?? Thats a travesty!

DJ Torkaveli said...

The criteria that the list is based on is what's flawed.

KT said...

Don Juan has 2 major deals (1 publishing and 1 recording with 2 different major labels) but then again, i cant agrue with it, you did say it was YOUR top 10

The King said...

You dudes don't know the DMV.. You cats must be from Alabama or something. What has Back done lately outside of the DMV!!! Da Locker Room is the hottest blogspot in the DMV keep up. LOL..

Anonymous said...

Pretty accurate. I'll be glad when DC stop overlooking my family @ De-U Records...who else from da DMV has sold over 150,000 CD's & downtown in da heart of NW at that? We do so many different things by ourself wit no help that whenever we mention just 1 of our accolades niggaz think we lie.

Mo Betta said...

I feel important I personally 7 out of that top 10 and everyone on the honorable mention...lol