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Saturday, November 14, 2015

2015 Jack'N for Beats RECAP @ Art Whino

 Pouring up the Jack!!!

Jadakiss Judging the Emcees

  Jack'N for Beats Emcees

Event: Jack’N for Beats Finale
Date: Thursday November 5, 2015
Location: Blind Whino (Washington D.C.)

ForTheDMVOnly was on location to Thursday night in Washington D.C. to see 10 emcees verbally battle for $5,000 dollars.  The energy was high and the tension was thick as Jack Daniels and Jack’N for Beats set the stage for 10 artists to eliminate one another for the all mighty green. The emcees entering the battle for the bread are: Osiris Green, Rewrite, Cooley, ill Conscious, Dre Fury, Rome Fury, Niko, Hazzy, King Swish and T. Lucas.

Jack’N for Beats and Jack Daniels chose one of D.C.’s most creative locations for the battle, Blind Whino. The abstract and eclectic art soaked the walls of the once Friendship Baptist Church as patrons rolled in to witness the lyrical battle royal that was going to take place.

The vibe in the event was aesthetically good and it didn’t help that Jack Daniels had several stations set up to provide libations for party goers. Jack’N for Beats and their staff had all the parts of their marketing machines running on all cylinders. The show started on time and moved pretty fast through the 3 rounds. The Emcees had 2 minutes and various beats to showcase their lyrical ability as the crowd watched on. Unlike most rap battles, the winner of this battle didn’t depend on how many fan you brought with you. It solely depended on how sharp the emcees were lyrically.

There were also some performances throughout the event that provided the battling emcees with some time to regroup and recover. DC’s own Pinky KillaCorn took the stage to perform a few songs to expand on her ever-growing brand and reputation as being one of the DMV’s hottest artists.
Some emcees clearly wrestled with their voice inflection while others had difficulties keeping their rhymes flowing when the DJ changed the beats in mid bar. Like anything the cream always rises to the top and the emcee that clearly won every round was Osiris Green.

Osiris captivated the crowd out the gate during round one and didn’t let up off the other emcees as the rounds progressed. The crowd could not help but to show Osiris the love he demanded spitting sharp and audible lyrics.

The good folks of Jack’N for Beats, Jack Daniels and Art Whino put on a great event that provided an unforgettable opportunity and experience for the DMV hip hop scene.

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