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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

@WilliamRoseII - Wasting Time

William Rose is an 18-year old lyricist from Baltimore,MD who's driven to spread his message throughout the world and have a positive impact on the deteriorating music industry.  After the release of his last single "Keep It Real", William's reputation has grown extensively through the online underground Hip-Hop community. The new song was released on January 9th of 2015 several months after the previous release. William still resides in Maryland and is in the works of coordinating performance opportunities for himself in order to generate a local buzz in addition to his internet buzz. He's also focused on building up his mailing list as a platform to communicate with his fans and release merchandise as a way for his fans to show support.

                   "Wasting Time" is a song that expresses William's frustration of not doing what he must in order to succeed. The motivation behind this song was William just simply being tired of believing that his potential is infinite but not taking action. He's the only artist featured on the song.

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