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Thursday, January 8, 2015

@TuelvBeats - "One For P (Praverb The Wyse Tribute) (prod. Tuelv)"

"Today, on Janury 7th 2015, Earl Patrick McNease, also known as Praverb The Wyse, or just Praverb, would have been celebrating his 33rd Birthday. Unfortunately, the MC/journalist/blogger, well known for his selflessness and sincere will to help others become better, passed away on September 17th 2014, leaving behind his wife Vanessa and son Matthew. I personally have never met P, but we’ve been in touch for a few years prior to his untimely passing, and we both supported each other as artists and tried to motivate each other. His sudden death, which was a complete shock to everybody who knew Praverb, deeply saddened me and inspired me to create a tribute beat for him just a few days after this tragic event... However, for a long time I felt it was incomplete and didn’t release it for a few months. It finally seemed like a complete tribute when I added fragments of his vocals from his song „Blessed With The Gift”…We never got to collab on a song but I hope you like it, P. Rest In Heaven. Great dude, amazing lyricist and one of a kind person. You won’t be forgotten. One that will always be missed…"

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