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Saturday, May 17, 2014

@FlyRebelSociety - reFRSH [ @Lega_c @RydaBlak @T_DoubleE @YoungYellow47 & @godlymC ]

Fly Rebel Society would like to present to your their sophomore album "reFRSH".  This album follows the successful formula of their previous album "The FRESH Effect" while incorporating eclectic elements that satisfy every kind of listener.   Following the success of fan-favorite singles "Who Am I" and "Rearview"; this album delivers the raw lyrical content, quality production selection and music diversity you have come to expect from this hip-hop collective. 
Cooley (of the Fly Rebel Society) offered this personal message on behalf of the collective: 

"reFRSH is "that sauce".  Every late studio session, every rehearsal, every fight was all worth it. reFRSH is the manifestation of five dreams through vivid verses and unique sounds. It is far different from our previous album, The FRESH Effect.
To our fans - (known as 'the Rebellion')  - we truly appreciate each of you...y'all tight.
To the competition, the Rebels are coming.
Ladies and Gents... reFRSH is finally here!" 

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