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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

@dmvbigsteve @slim_fred - The Warm Up

Emerging hip-hop artists Big Steve x Slim Fred are releasing their first mixtape, “The Warm Up”. The duo, born and bred in Alexandria, VA, (DMV) is made up of Big Steve, rapper/writer and Slim Fred, rapper/producer. This mixtape is an introduction of Big Steve x Slim Fred’s talent, setting the tone for what is to come from the group. The Warm Up features mostly upbeat tracks with fast tempo production and catchy lines. “With The Warm Up, we just wanted to have fun. This mixtape sets the stage for our bigger project, Listen to my Words, which is due out later next year,” Fred says. “We wanted to showcase our lyrical skills more than anything because some artists these days can make a song sound good, but have no lyrical content."

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