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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

@rawskinny410 - The V.R.G. Collection Vol.1: Wakedafucup

 As a member of Baltimore group Black$taff24/7, Raw Skinny has been a part of several group projects. The collective began releasing mixtapes of their own with various recordings from local Baltimore and out of town artist called RawAudio. They have released seven installments to the series and plan to drop another on in the summer of 2013. By branding themselves as a brash lyrical group of rebels they were able to obtain their own Internet Radio show on Baltimore station HARDBODYRADIO. $taff Sundays aired consecutively for 25 weeks in 2012-2013 and generated thousands of listeners on blogtalk radio. The group plans to release their new project C.H.O.P. in the summer of 2013.
Raw Skinny aka Frankie Grimes is a multitalented musician from the City of Baltimore, Maryland. His Career as an artist started with his 2010 mixtape Boiler Room. By using various samples from the movie Boiler Room and blending his recordings he was able to create a cinematic feel. Later that year he was a featured artist on the compilation mixtape We Own the Night from Baltimore rap collective Black$taff24/7. Although he was not featured on a majority of the mixtape he was able to solidify his position as a core member of the group. 2011 brought the release of his second project, the critically acclaimed Dirty Sock Money. The mixtape was highly praised throughout the Baltimore rap community and garnered thousands of views on the popular mixtape hosting site datpiff.com. Dirty Sock Money was the subject of many reviews and postings through the summer of 2011. In June of the following year Raw Skinny released Black$taff24/7 Presents…The Blackey Bulger Tape hosted by DJ Black Wizard for hot16radio. Again this project would be able to generate thousands of views on mixtape site datpiff.com as well as his SoundCloud page. For this project he would return to the formula of blending movie samples with his own recordings. Black$taff24/7 group member Country Haze is featured on a majority of the project and both artists complement each other very well over the unique production selections. On April 20th 2013 Raw Skinny released his newest project The V.R.G Collection Vol.1: WAKEDAFUCUP to rave reviews.
Raw skinny is a rare and unique artist that needs the opportunity to share his views to the world. From recording to producing, preforming, hosting, promoting, marketing, graphic design, and engineering he has a wealth of talent to spread through the mainstream.

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