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Friday, July 12, 2013

@DugeeLFE - Moet & Mad Dog

LOSIN FREEDUMB IN ASSOCIATION WIT ONAWJO (@onawjo) WE PRESENT TO THE DMV, THE EAST COAST, THE WEST COAST, THE AMERICAS (YES THAT DOES INCLUDE MEXICO), MOTHER AFRICA, ASIA, AND EUROPE, Here I present to you the long awaited street album from DMVs own Dugee F. Buller, Moet & Mad Dog (#moetandmaddog for the hashtaggers), stated to release on July 10th, 2013. This spectacular array of the most “elegant ratchetness” “Sophisticated Ignorance”, “Ratchet Elegance” at its finest. "Moet and Mad Dog" takes you thru a day n the life, filled wit comedy, drama, sex, and action you can find on one cd. There is something for everything touching on the low the highs, dice, tuition, the plight and thighs. Not only does Dugee deliver lyrically on Moet & Mad Dog but also do the features from of the DMV’s elite (@joedmusic, @godsilla, @killa_cal) along wit some new up and comers (@yung_n_handsum, @masigwomo). Production is all home grown talent (@filthgod, @freshgarcia, @jusmisfit, @hypeofproduct8129, @mrstraight2it, @_dj2fresh, @bazeknox, @slaylawson) of the DMV, that bring the project together for a beautiful experience that's still raw as ...... eggs (to keep it clean).

 Beauty and the Beast, Elegant Ratchetness, Moet & Mad Dog.

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