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Sunday, April 28, 2013

T.O.A.K - "Welcome to the Lion's Den"

This is T.O.A.K (Test Of A King), coming out of Baltimore/DMV, by way of Pittsburgh, PA. I'm a hip hop artist and songwriter that actually just started doing music July 2012, all from a blessing in disguise of me breaking my leg in my last arena football game April 27, 2012. Since then, I picked up a pencil and a pad and I haven't stopped since. 

I tried sending my song "Welcome to the Lion's Den" to you some time ago, but I never seen it posted. So, I take it that you might've overlooked it. But, I'm sending this video submission because I just released my music video for the song, "Welcome to the Lion's Den" today! Maybe this visual of the song can make it onto your blog. I definitely appreciate if it can make it on your site! If not, it's all love! Keep doing what you're doing for Hip-Hop.

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Anonymous said...

i like this ..dude goes in #igotit4free