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Thursday, April 11, 2013

@nunothabrova - "EYES ON THE PRIZE"

My name is MeccaTheManHimself, Man Even Christ Could Admire, Nunothabrova for short. I would like to have your attention if I may on a project titled “EYES ON THE PRIZE” this project is a highlight of my career and my 12th official release to date. On this project you will hear passion, pride and my testimony on things that occurred during my journey while pursuing a career in music; most importantly you will hear a genuine artist. This project has production by Lex-D, Whiltfolkz, De Elusive, Chief Rahka, Kae Da Oversea Kid, HitmakerDRE, Melo Flamez, Profacy, D-Recka,Dee Money, Lou Mo Noti, Bee Lee The MC and Albert Lambert. This mixtape is mixed by DJ TENGRAND a DJ who reached out to network with me and helped me make my effort sound more appealing to the masses. The guest artist include C-4 (Lynn, MA), Gino Green (Lynn, MA), Dee-Woodz (DMV), IROC (Sacramento, CA) STA (DMV) AND BEE LEE THE MC (DMV).This project was recorded as I traveled the states and tried to find my way in life always keeping my eyes on the prize which is success.

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